APEK triumphantly returns to Enhanced with the arrival of the American producer's latest vocal jam, 'Exposed' with the excellent April Bender on vocals.

A producer whose association with Enhanced goes back a number of years, and includes some of the label's biggest hits, 'Exposed' continues APEK's string of unique, melodic releases in a production that flows between his crisp production with a distinct hint of his House roots.

Coupled with APEK's very own VIP Mix that sees 'Exposed' take on a funky rework filled with rolling drum hits and flared piano leads.

Bringing one of the label's brightest talents back into the limelight - APEK returns with the exceptional 'Exposed'.

Artist: APEK feat. April Bender

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 7th December 2018

  1. APEK feat. April Bender - Exposed (Original Mix)
  2. APEK feat. April Bender - Exposed (Extended Mix)
  3. APEK feat. April Bender - Exposed (APEK's VIP Mix)
  4. APEK feat. April Bender - Exposed (APEK's Extended VIP Mix)

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