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Enhanced Miami 2018
There's no better signifier that we've reached the end of those long Winter months than the arrival of the annual Miami Music Week - as the world's Dance authorities descend on Miami's crystal clear skies & beaches, Enhanced Music has been diligently curating this year's definitive collection of feel-good anthems - 'Enhanced Miami 2018' has arrived...

Bringing an exceptionally varied collection picked straight from a bustling Enhanced catalogue, 'Enhanced Miami 2018' delivers a host of recent hits from the likes of; Tritonal, Dropgun, BRKLYN, Sj, Jenaux, Arcando, Disco Fries, APEK, Noah Neiman, Shanahan, BEAUZ & Medii and so many more.

Including sun-kissed gems like Tritonal + Sj's dreamy hit 'Calabasas' and new Enhanced signee VENIICE's sensational vocal collab with DYSON 'Let Go', through to established hits from Steve Kroeger's recent viral hit 'Wasted' to Disco Fries & Daisy Guttridge's mesmerising anthem 'Starting Fires' whilst sprinkling an added oomph taken straight from Enhanced sister label Enhanced Progressive's recent 300th release celebrations courtesy of Steve Brian with a huge rework of the Audien classic 'The Reach'.

Enhanced Miami 2018 brings you the ultimate taste of one of the most important dates in the dance music calendar.
1. Maxim Schunk x Raven & Kreyn feat. BISHØP - My Name (Original Mix)
2. Tritonal & Sj - Calabasas (Original Mix)
3. Noah Neiman - Push (Original Mix)
4. Steve Kroeger - Wasted (Original Mix)
5. Dropgun & Asketa feat Jessame - My Way (Original Mix)
6. VENIICE feat. DYSON - Let Go (Original Mix)
7. Tritonal - Call Me (Noah Neiman Remix)
8. Sj - Flicker (Original Mix)
9. BRKLYN feat. Lenachka - All Around The World (Original Mix)
10. Audien - The Reach (Steve Brian Remix)
11. JES, Joonas Hahmo & JS16 - The One (Original Mix)
12. Lash - I'm Gonna Be There (Andy Bianchini Remix)
13. 5ALVO & Lycii - Balance (Original Mix)
14. Disco Fries feat. Jared Lee - Reckless (R-Low Remix)
15. Shanahan feat. Arielle - We Got Love (Original Mix)
16. Andrew Benson - Seduction (Original Mix)
17. Jenaux & Bryce Fox - Sentiments (Original Mix)
18. APEK feat. Stassi - Supernatural (Au5 Remix)
19. Disco Fries feat. Daisy Guttridge - Starting Fires (Original Mix)
20. Arcando feat. Jaki Nelson - Don't Say That (Original Mix)
21. Noise Zoo - Monterosso (Original Mix)
22. East & Atlas - Close Encounters (Original Mix)
23. Ost & Meyer - Painter (Original Mix)
24. BEAUZ & Medii feat. Lenii - Without You (Original Mix)
25. Paul Arcane - Transcend (Original Mix)
26. Various Artists - Enhanced Miami 2018 (Continuous Mix)


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Tritonal feat. Angel Taylor

Getaway (Radio Edit)

Tritonal, Ross Lynch, R5

I Feel The Love (Radio Edit)

Tritonal feat. Skyler Stonestreet

Electric Glow (Original Mix)

Tritonal & Sj feat. Emma Gatsby

Hung Up (Original Mix)

Madison Mars

Shuffle Shuttle (Original Mix)


Livin' The Dream (Radio Edit)

Tritonal feat. Steph Jones

Escape (Radio Edit)


Hey Mamama (Club Mix)


GAMMA GAMMA (Brillz Remix)

Tritonal feat. Steph Jones

Blackout (Radio Edit)