Bon-Psy remixes PALLADIAN and BackForth's 'Marbels' on Chill


24th November 2021

Bon-Psy crafts a stunning remix of 'Marbles' by PALLADIAN and BackForth, here on Enhanced Chill.

PALLADIAN and BackForth linked up for 'Marbles', the first track on the Italian duo's eponymous EP released in October. An ethereal production that showcases a delicate blend of electronic and acoustic sounds, it's now given the remix treatment by UK-based producer Bon-Psy, and what a result! It's a breathtaking remix that sees the talented rising name impart his own style on the original while still maintaining its mesmerising atmosphere. The sections shapeshift from one to the next, with flurries of jazz drums and heavy bass groove coming together effortlessly. It's a thrill ride of a remix from Bon-Psy who impresses with this ambitious release.

Listen: Here

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