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Get to know Venomenal!
10 Nov 2017

Today, we're super excited to welcome rising Dutch talent Venomenal to the label with his feel-good new single: 'Run', featuring the blissful vocals of Oumnia!

In light of this exciting release, we took the opportunity to check in with Venomenal to learn about how he got into music, as well as the interesting story behind 'Run'...

Hey Venomenal! It's great to have you on Enhanced!

Hi! Likewise!

Tell us a little bit about your background - what made you want to become a musician?

Music 'Runs' in my family. Growing up, there was always music in the house. Whether it was my oldest brother playing the sax or guitar, my Mother playing the bugle, or my Dad playing the keys, there was always someone making or listening to music; and it kept me inspired to be a musician too!

Your new track 'Run', featuring Oumnia has just been released; what was the process behind that track?

Funny story: It started out as a school assignment. I had to remix one of the singers of the conservatory, so I asked Oumnia if she had anything just laying around. She sent me this vocal and I started working on it. When I was done I let her listen to it and we were both like 'damn, we should release this as an original!'

Wow that's crazy how it worked out! In five words, how would you define your musical style?

I think a typical Venomenal recipe would be a lot of 'Happy' mixed with some 'Dancey', 'Tropical', 'Catchy' and just a tiny bit of 'Disco'.

You were recently at ADE 2017; what did you get up to when you were there?

Since I'm studying at a conservatory I had the opportunity to join ADE University so that's what I did! Also, (and much more important, haha!) I had some beers with the Enhanced A&R, and then on Saturday I listened to some demos during the day and had a gig during the evening!

Beers were definitely had! Alright, if you could work with any other musician in the world, who would you work with and why?

That would be Coldplay 100 percent! That band just cannot disappoint me and their concerts are awesome! My music sounds the way it does because of them and I know they collaborate with artists from the Dance industry every now and then, so to work with them would be a dream come true.

What's your preferred DAW and your most essential VSTs?

I started out in FL Studio, but at some point I wanted to switch. FL Studio on a Macbook is still a drama so I switched to Ableton a few months ago.

I love the stuff from Spectratronics! Omnisphere and Keyscape are my go-to instruments, but also Diva if I want some incredible supersaws or a cool synth bass. For processing I mostly use Fabfilter and Waves stuff - these plugins are always really reliable.

Thanks for chatting with us! It was great getting to know a bit about you!

Thanks for letting me! Looking forward to the future with Enhanced :)

Venomenal's new single 'Run' feat. Oumnia is Available In All Stores NOW!


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