Music sounds better when it's Enhanced™ - brought to you by Tritonal and Will Holland


Enhanced Music
65 Rivington Street
United Kingdom

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We literally get sent hundreds of demos every week and we endeavour to get back to everyone that sends a demo in; however please don't be offended if we do not!


Responsible for some of contemporary dance music’s most loved releases and with a roster of talent that spans Billboard-charting headliners through to tastemaker-tipped underground gems, Enhanced’s global reputation is of a label that “delivers tune, after tune” - Mixmag

Home to international touring artists renowned for a firm foothold & identity within forward-thinking productions, Enhanced has discovered & sparked the careers of artists such as; Tritonal, Audien, Arty, BRKLYN and many more during its relatively short existence, encompassing over 1500 releases and counting.

Delivering an ever-expansive array of genre-defining releases, the label group’s mantra of “music sounds better when it’s Enhanced” has never rung truer.